Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sports week....already over!!!

This past week was UOM sports week for the academic year 2007-2008 (too bad :(  ...there won't be another one next semester ) was the week for me:

On Tuesday, I was eliminated in the UOM programming contest(2nd round...won't comment about that, maybe later will post my answers when i'm free)

On Wednesday,..ahh wednesday....was too coooool coz my  friends and i had a lot of fun, we went on an we played at the seaside ti trop top.Well we had gone to Rochester fall and then at Le Mornes...bref seki pane vini ine rate mari boucou..

On Thursday (well If I could, i would remove thursday from this week as if it never happened), hmmm we had a rather early exit in the football tournament this time (last time vice-champion).
However, later on that day, ti alle guette Hey baby dan auditaurium...was very nice..ti bien riyer.

On Friday, we had a birthday party...ein actually several birthday parties of all those who had their birthday during the holidays(including me)

Well well...the week is over and so is sports week
Now next three assignment(labs) to submit
One for distributed system(about 40-50% complete)
one for Operation research(simulation in Opengl)
and a small one in concurrency using jbaci

On top of that got to work on my final year project..has to come up with a draft this week

All that to be done this weeken..fouf

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