Thursday, October 18, 2007

Global warming......some concrete proof

Some days back, more precisely on the 15th of october, it was Blog Action Day where thousands of bloggers were blogging about the environment (except me, coz my internet connection was really bad). Anyways, so where's the situation about global warming has reached???..well I won't get into much detail( just google it for more info)...hmm what people must realise is that apart from rise in sea level, global warming have many sides effect, there is also an increase in intensity of extreme weather events n many others nature disbalance.

What I wanted to share with you is a picture which gives us one consequence of global warming (got this in a mail).

Well as the picture speaks for itself....we surely don't require any satelite images of glaciers giving way to give evidence of global warming....Lol:)

Ok that was just to joke a bit.

Global warming is a serious issue which affects(or will) us all.
Let us all be responsible for our acts and take the necessary measures to preserve.... even if you think that your contribution will only account for less than 0.000001%
( that's already a lot to save our world...)

Friday, October 5, 2007

The Art of drawing

This clip is awesome...a must....check it out..

Let's play sudoku

Sudoku is one of my favorite games....

New look or new face....

diaestro.blogspot get a new face :)

Hello guys, how did you find my new theme? There is a lot of templates for bloggers availble on the why limit myself to the few default templates (most not appealing). Hmmm got to customize it a bit more and I hope to find the time to post. Well me gotta go now...(besides, it would be nice if you could drop some comments).