Sunday, April 15, 2007

OpenGL game programming

Next week an assignment for Interface Design & Computer Graphics has to be submitted. We had choices between a graphic application developed using OpenGL or an animation using Maya PLE in groups of two. In my case, my partner Kevina and I are working on the application with OpenGL; more precisely developed a simple game "tic-tac-toe". The major problem when working with OpenGL, is that there is little information on the web explaining how it works, there are many variation in the tutorials that can be found...very frustrating indeed. However, the basic drawing have already been done this week, only fine tuning of the game have to be done i.e. adding the rules and improving its appearance. After submitted the assignment, I will post the source code. 


ashvin said...

where's the source code man?

im new to OpenGL too.. do use visual c++ or anything else..? im using devc++

anyways check
the coolest opengl place with excellent tutorials

Adarsh said...

Assignment will be submitted this week.I'll will then post it.Am using visual C++