Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The path of Underworld FC

Saturday 24 March was the last day of sport week and so was the final phase of the seven-side football tournament. Earlier during the week, on Wednesday we emerged victorious in the qualifying round by beating every team that had the misfortune to play against us. It was a long and tiresome Wednesday but in the end we were the last one remaining on the field.

Saturday, the day of the final phase, we also played very well in our pool, we again beat every team in our pool to reach the final. However, at the end due to lack of sport spirit of some teams, we had to play our last three matches without getting time to rest in between since some teams already gone. Our opponent in the final were much much fresher than we were and eventually that played against us which result in a loss. We all know that on any normal day we could well beat that team. The good thing is that both teams are qualified for the intertertiary tournament that is coming soon. We hope to meet them again to really know whether they were really good to beat us. Anyways, that ay was really fun, we really enjoyed ourselves. Below are some pictures after the tournament..

There we were waiting for our medal..

We and our medal...

Proudly lifting up the cup for the faculty of Engineering..

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